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Imran Manzoor

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UI/UX Designer & Developer

Imran Manzoor is founder of Digitecho (Digital Technology) Imran Manzoor as known as Mani is also an author. He is often invited as a speaker to share his views by reputed organisations, leading institutions & academia in Pakistan and overseas.

He actively leverages the power of Media Relations & Social Media , Developer to meet his company’s business objectives ranging from brand building, market positioning to business development. He has successfully increased efficiencies, reduced costs and boosted profitability of his business through network mobilization. Over 80% of his business comes from his strategic use of social media and media relations.

He believes that building online presence through organic initiatives brings more effective and sustainable business advantages rather than a digital marketing driven push strategy.

Imran's clientele ranges from SMEs to some of the top corporations in Pakistan. His strength lies in his ability to successfully position CEOs as thought leaders & online brand ambassadors of their respective businesses. He has been working closely many top web developer

Personal Information

  • NameImran Manzoor
  • Age23 Years
  • FromLahore,Pakistan
  • Lives inMoscow,Russia
  • Phone(+1) 123 456 7890
  • FreelanceAvailable


Web Development

Digitecho brings simple, direct and cost-effective approach to design your website up to the standard of your online business, here we deliver top quality Web Designing along with web development and digital marketing.

Digital Marketing

Empower your company profile on social media to get business leads is now simple and cheap with Digitecho as we are investing best social media marketers sales volume by increasing brand visibility rate on SEO.

Content Writer

We offers you professional content writing Pakistan services at very affordable rate. We are serving our customers with the facility of content writing for their personal as well as professional websites. content writing is art.

Wordpress License Implement

Protect Your Wordpress Plugin/Theme with License Single domain license, Multiple Domain License, Trial Base License. We Encrypt Your Dreams Into Code.

Imran Manzoor

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